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FAQs for Children’s EEG Services at Offspring

1. Pricing Information

At Offspring Health, we prioritise providing top-quality care while keeping specialist fees as affordable as possible.

Payment Terms:
A deposit, as outlined below, is required to secure your appointment, and must be paid no later than 2 days prior to your scheduled visit.

Medicare Rebate:
You may be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate of $XXXX for your consultation. Offspring Health will handle the Medicare claim process on your behalf after the final report has been sent to your referring doctor. To facilitate this process, please ensure that you provide us with the details of your current and valid Medicare card.


2. How does it work

Your child will need a referral from their family doctor or specialist if they are seeing one. Our paediatric neurologist will review this request to ensure arrangements are tailored to suit your child’s needs.

Connection and monitoring
On the day of their appointment your child will be fitted with the monitoring system at an Offspring clinic. The length of monitoring will depend on the type of EEG being performed.

At the end of the monitoring period, the data will be analysed and interpreted by a Paediatric Neurologist. A report will be sent to your child’s doctor approximately five days after the end of monitoring. You specialist will be able access the study data, if required.

It is essential to have a referral letter from your doctor. Please note that without a referral, the full fee applies, and Medicare claims cannot be submitted


3. About Offspring’s EEG service

Our clinic specialises in paediatric EEG services:

Experienced Staff: Children receive EEG evaluations from an experienced Paediatric Neurologist. You child will also be fitted and monitored by a neurophysiology scientist.

Accurate Screening: When necessary, we assess the suitability of EEG testing for your child’s specific needs.

Proper Administration: We ensure the EEG procedure is conducted comfortably and accurately for optimal results.

Expert Reporting: Our team provides detailed and accurate reporting of EEG results, ensuring that you and your child’s healthcare team have the information needed for the best possible care.