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Fee details:

– Get your child ready for travel with the BCG vaccine at approximately $137 out of pocket and a clinic visit for $280. Medicare card holders with a referral letter can receive a refund of $143.35.

– Secure your appointment with a non-refundable $50 deposit, changeable up to 48hrs prior. Siblings needing a BCG will be bulk-billed.


What’s included:

– Our fee covers the doctor’s consultation, immunisation nurse, and the BCG vaccine. Additional travel vaccines are available for an extra fee.


Payment methods:

– We prefer credit card payments. Medicare rebates are processed promptly. For those without Medicare, a detailed receipt is provided for insurance claims.


Vaccination services:

– Trust our specialists for routine scheduled vaccines and tailored travel immunisations, considering your child’s age and destination. You’ll receive personalized recommendations and a referral letter.


Appointment information:

– Bring your child’s Green Book and Medicare card to the appointment. Expect your appointment to last 40-60 minutes, including consultation and observation.

Booking process:

– A referral letter from your doctor is essential. Book online with a $50 booking fee. Note, without a referral, the full fee applies, and Medicare claims cannot be submitted.