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Ms Kate Cowlishaw


Kate graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne School of Physiotherapy in 1997. She is a highly experienced physiotherapist in the area of individualised exercise programs, addressing specific needs.

At Offspring Child Health Specialists, Kate assesses children aged 4 to 12, looking at strength, coordination, balance, and motor planning. She believes that all children can participate in and enjoy exercise and sports, some just need a bit of extra help!

Based on her assessment findings along with goal setting discussions with both child and parents, Kate creates an exercise program to address any areas of need. Where appropriate, Kate can write reports to assist with applications for NDIS funding

She offers both ‘in clinic’ guided exercise sessions, as well as teaching some home exercises to be practiced in between sessions. Kate also offers outdoor sessions at agreed times and locations to work on skills such as running, bike riding, or other sport specific skills needing a larger space. Sessions are always fun, with a strong focus on building your child’s physical self-confidence.
Kate loves children, and has two of her own, aged 15 and 12.


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