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Offspring is a private fee for service clinic and all accounts are payable on the day of consultation. Payments may be made by credit card/EFTPOS and with cash.




All consultations are eligible for a Medicare rebate if your child has a valid doctors referral. A referral from a general practitioner is valid for 12 months. A new referral should be obtained from your local doctor every 12 months or for each new problem if you would like to claim the Medicare rebate. Our practice offers online Medicare claiming which allows the Medicare rebate for your child’s consultation to be paid directly into your nominated bank account in 48 hours. You must be registered with Medicare to be able to access this service – Medicare on line registration forms are available online at Medicare Australia ( and also at our clinic. You may also be eligible for up to 80% of the out of pocket expenses for the consultation if you have reached your Medicare Safety Net.




GPs may suggest a GP Chronic Disease Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCA) to help plan and coordinate care for children with complex medical or developmental needs. If your child has a GPMP and TCA they may be eligible to claim through Medicare for up to 5 allied health visits (eg speech pathology, dietician, physio, Occupational Therapy, Psychology) per calendar year. Medicare rebates are available for up to 10 individual and 10 group allied mental health services per calendar year to patients with an assessed mental disorder who are referred by

  • A GP managing the patient under a GP Mental Health Plan or
  • A psychiatrist or paediatrician.

Allied mental health services under this initiative include psychological assessment and therapy services provided by clinical psychologists, eligible occupational therapists and psychologists



There are Medicare rebates for the assessment and treatment of autism under the age of 13. To be eligible for these rebates, a GP refers a child with possible ASD for assessment by a paediatrician or psychiatrist. The paediatrician or psychiatrist may refer to allied health professionals such as a Speech Pathologist, Psychologist or Occupational therapist to assist in diagnosis. Medicare provides rebates for up to 4 allied health services per child. The paediatrician will then see your child again to develop a treatment and management plan which is also rebated through Medicare (provided it is completed before your child turns 13).


After the development of the management plan, your paediatrician or psychiatrist may refer you for allied health services. Medicare will rebate up to 20 allied health services per child for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. These treatment services must occur before your child turns 15.




(previously know as FaHCSIA funding)

Children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder under the age of 6, are eligible for early intervention funding.You can only use the funding with speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists who have been approved. Your paediatrician can provide you with a letter of diagnosis so that you can make contact with amaze who will assign you an Autism Advisor to guide you through the process.





The Better Start Program has been introduced for children with other disabilities such as deafness, blindness, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome. The model is very similar to the HCWA and FaHCSIA funding Further information regarding Medicare rebates can be found through the following links:

  • Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Care: [link]
  • APS fact sheet: Medicare rebates for mental health services provided by Psychologists: [link]




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