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Dr. Hari Jeyarajan


Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon

clinical interests

Middle ear disease & hearing issues
Rhinitis, Allergies & Nasal Polyps
Sleep surgery
Paediatric Airway


Dr. Hari Jeyarajan is a Melbourne trained ENT surgeon with over 2 years of additional subspecialty training in both UK and the USA. He graduated from Monash Medical School with honours in 2005, after which he embarked on basic surgical training in Melbourne. He then commenced ENT training from 2009 during which he undertook paediatric ENT vocations at both the Royal Children’s Hospital as well as Monash Children’s. After completing his training and obtaining fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2013 Hari worked as a consultant paediatric ENT surgeon at the Royal Children’s Hospital before embarking overseas for additional international subspecialty training in Otology, Head and Neck Surgery and Rhinology. He is currently holds a public appointment at The Alfred Hospital and is also privately based in Brighton.


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